Welcome. We’re so glad that you are here because we understand that having a premature or sick baby is an extremely stressful time and that often it’s during these times that asking for help can be most difficult. Luna Baby is here to support and nurture YOU so that you can show up and nurture those you love. You are so important to your baby’s wellbeing but we understand it might not feel like it right now. That’s ok. Below you will find all of the ways that we can work together throughout your baby’s stay in the neonatal nursery and beyond. We look forward to connecting with you.


Support consultation

Book a 60 minute video conference call with Luna Baby to ask questions about your baby’s development, learn what you can do to best support your baby’s developing brain, and receive support in the amazing work you’re doing each day as you parent in the neonatal nursery.

Luna Baby’s wisdom and advice was an enormous help while our extremely premature son was in the hospital. We felt better knowing we could turn to her with questions. We were deeply worried about our son’s physical and neurological development. Although there were many specialists helping our son in the hospital, Luna Baby’s teaching made us feel better prepared to help our son develop. She gave us specific exercises and introduced us to what we should expect of our son’s growth during his first months. Whenever we were overwhelmed and nervous, we said to one another: Let’s call Luna Baby and check in with them. It always made us feel better. Luna Baby gave us the tools to be better parents to our child.
— Parents of an infant born at 25 weeks

Support pack

Five 60 minute video call sessions

Five email support response

Kangaroo Care Nurture pack *Subject to availability

Digital Premature Baby Milestone cards *Only available with private consultations

Check in pack

Three 60 minute video call sessions post hospital discharge