Hello there and welcome to Luna Baby. If you’ve found us here then it’s likely your baby was born early and are requiring care in a neonatal nursery, or you have family or friends whose baby has arrived early and you’re wanting to know more about what you can do to support your loved ones.

I created Luna Baby for you. Working with parents in neonatal nurseries for the past 11 years, I have provided education and support to hundreds of parents and families as they’ve navigated the emotional rollercoaster of the neonatal nursery and at times struggled to identify their role amongst the technical equipment and staff helping care for their baby.  

Luna Baby understands the science of what’s needed to support the development of babies in the neonatal nursery, the most important of which is you, the parent. But Luna Baby also understands that being a parent in the neonatal nursery can be terrifying, isolating, and extremely challenging.  

Integrating the science to improve the well being of both parents and babies, each Luna Baby product has been carefully designed to support, educate, and empower parents in caring for their baby in the neonatal nursery, enabling them to grow in confidence, and strengthen the loving connection they’re developing with their baby.

Babies brains are doing some of their most important growing in the neonatal nursery and their parents can provide some of the most powerful ‘brain care’ to their little ones. Luna Baby is dedicated to supporting parents in providing this care.  


Founder of Luna Baby