Dr Abbey Eeles


Dr Abbey Eeles is a neonatal occupational therapist and researcher who has specialised in paediatrics and neonatal developmental therapy for the past 11 years. She completed her PhD at the University of Melbourne in 2012, investigating the consequences of the preterm baby’s early exposure to a sensory environment that is mismatched with their sensory system development. Dr Eeles’ work has contributed to the growing body of evidence around the effects of the neonatal nursery environment on later child development and highlights the importance of modifying the neonatal nursery environment to protect babies brain growth and development. Dr Eeles has specialised training in the early parent-baby attachment relationship and the neurological and neurobehavioural assessment of babies during the neonatal period and across early childhood. She provides mentoring and supervision to therapists working in neonatal nurseries across Australia and delivers neonatal nursing education workshops to support staff in caring for preterm babies and their families. Dr Eeles is passionate about understanding the impact of developmental therapy and early intervention on brain development and rehabilitation in the newborn period and beyond, and the important role parents play in delivering this powerful intervention.